Must Visit Places in Andaman

Somebody in a blog said it as- “This morning I woke up with blurry sense of humour. The red and green curtains in my rooms didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t raining outside and the fan wasn’t making sounds. I buried my face back into the pillow, knowing that I am not in Andaman any more, knowing that I am back to my world, back to the daily routine of life. My stay was hardly for a week but I know it will take me more than that to recover from the missing sickness. I miss the ‘small town’ city, I miss the twists and turns of the road, I miss the lined up greenery everywhere, I miss the never ending sea – the dancing of the waves, the chirping of the hiding birds, the nature at its best… I miss Andaman, so much..” – by Shalinijena

Around Long Island

  • Long Island

    a unique village nestled in nature

    Long Island, just 47 nautical miles from Portblair, having an area of about 18, is a modern village with population of around 2000 having many plus points and facilities generally not available in other villages of Bay Islands. It has its own power-house, a well equipped Boat Building Yard, Senior Secondary School, bank, wireless facilities, hospital, Range Forest Office and even police outpost. Long Island is a dreamland settlement without any road network.

  • Lalaji Bay Beach

    Lalaji Bay Beach, in Long Island, Rangat falls in Middle Andaman. There are regular boats from Yerrata Jetty in Rangat to Long Island. One way ride takes about 1.5 hrs and goes through beautiful creek making it a memorable journey. Lalaji Bay beach is a beautiful, sandy beach on the west coast of Long Island. One has to take a boat from Rangat jetty to reach here. The boat ride is quite comfortable and takes around 1.5 hrs.

    The boat cruises through Mangrove creek thus providing equally scenic views around. From Long Island jetty, one has to take a Dinghi (boat) to get to the West coast and then walk a few kilometers to reach the beach. The island has a long, sprawling white sandy beach with clear water. One can easily bask in the sun or get immersed in the clean water to give a treat to mind and body.

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